About Us

Our Mission

MotionVibe delivers technology-based solutions for fitness professionals and businesses -- with the goal of inspiring fitness consumers to participate in more fitness activities, more often -- thereby driving revenue and loyalty throughout the fitness industry.

Our History

Founded in 2013 at Georgetown University, MotionVibe offers services to over 700,000 fitness club members, 50,000 fitness professionals, and over 1,000 health clubs across 5 countries.

Originally offering an industry leading group fitness management solution only, MotionVibe has expanded technology offerings to include dynamic mobile apps for both fitness club members and staff, advanced analytics, and integration with dozens of third-party applications.

Over the years MotionVibe has won several innovation awards within the software application space and has been selected to join multiple technology incubators -- including MTech at the University of Maryland, College Park and M1 at Johns Hopkins University.